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Oronia - Bee Propolis Spray


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[Oronia] Bee Propolis Spray

Source from bee propolis extract 95%
Flavonoid 495.86mg/30ml

What Is Propolis
Honeybees gather resin and seeps from buds of pines and other trees and carry it home in their pollen baskets. They blend it with wax flakes secreted from special glands on their abdomens, making propolis which is used to narrow the entrance and openings of their hives.
Propolis is used as sanitizer in preparation for the queen's laying of eggs, a most important procedure. With its antiseptic properties, this propolis lining insures a hospital-clean environment for the rearing of brood.

Natural Antibiotics-preventing Inflammation
Propolis has the antibiotic function and reinforces the immune system, which helps to prevent inflammation by viruses, and also helps to relieve sore throat.
The components of propolis vitalize the white blood cells to produce interferon, the virus-inhibiting factor, which fights against viruses and protect the body cells.
Propolis is perfect natural antibiotic, working through enforcing the immune system, without any side effect or without growing resistance to medicine.

Bee Propolis Is Recommended To Those

  • Who intake much antibiotics and concern about the resistance to medicine
  • Who suffer from disorders by viral inflammation such as inflammation of the bladder
  • Who want to prevent or relieve sore throat

Application & Dosage
Lightly spray into the mouth three times a day


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