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Oronia - Calcium & Vitamin D Gummy


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[Oronia] Calcium & Vitamin D Gummy

Calcium (tribasic calcium phosphate) : 100 mg
Vitamin d (cholecalciferol) : 2.5 mg
Phosphorus (tribasic calcium phosphate) : 50mg
Natural Flavors of Strawberry & Orange

What is calcium & vitamin d gummy
Calcium & vitamin d gummy is a health supplement food for kids, made as a animal gummy shape for the kids to easily take for calcium supplementation.
99% of calcium in the human body is contained in bones and teeth, which is not naturally produced in the human body and therefore should be supplied by foods or supplements.
Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones and is important element for cell physiology and neuron system.
Especially for the kids, calcium is the most important element for growth and physique formation.

Oronia calcium & vitamin d gummy is an excellent calcium supplement for kids, with vitamin d added to help absorption of calcium

The function of calcium & vitamin d gummy
  • Calcium & vitamin d gummy helps the physique formation, growth of kids, and helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones.
  • Oronia calcium & vitamin d gummy is made in the shape of yellow and purple rabbits with two flavors – orange and strawberry flavors.
  • All the coloring agents and flavors are made of all natural ingredients.

Application & dosage
Take (1)one gummy (3) three times per day orally.

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