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Oronia - Coral Calcium -Mg & Zn-


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[Oronia] Coral Calcium -Mg & Zn-

Calcium : 1,000 mg
Magnesium : 102 mg
Zinc : 35 mg
Vitamin D (400iu) : 2.4 mg
For Healthy Bones and Growth

What is coral cal/mag plus zinc
Calcium, one of the most essential element for the human bodies is not supplied sufficiently due to irregular and unbalanced meals.
Sufficient amount of calcium is especially required for women to prevent osteoporosis. The increase of stress is also one reason to take good amount of calcium.

Cal/mag with zinc is the health supplement for required amount of calcium where magnesium, zinc, cpp and vitamin d3 & c for daily supplement of essential minerals.
For the aged people, it is recommended to take magnesium together with calcium to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Function of coral cal/mag plus zinc
Coral cal/mag with zinc helps to prevent various diseases caused by calcium deficiency.
It helps for formation of healthier bones, teeth and growth of infants and kids.
It helps metabolism of nucleic acid and amino acid, preventing cell aging with magnesium.

It is recommended to

  • Those who need to prevent osteoporosis
  • Those who want to maintain healthy bone and teeth and cell aging
  • Those who breastfeed the babies
  • Those who are in the growth age

Application & dosage
One pill a day with water


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