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Oronia - Glucosamine Gold


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[Oronia] Glucosamine Gold

Glucosamine sulfate : 510 mg
Msm : 300 mg
Shark cartilage : 50 mg
Green lipped mussel extract : 20 mg
Collagen : 20 mg
Vitamin C : 5 mg


What is glucosamine?
Glucosamine is a form of amino sugar that is believed to play a role in cartilage formation and repair. Glucosamine is generally recognized trivial name for 2-amino-2-desoxy-alpha-beta-d-glucopyranose, that is, the derivative of glucose.

It is made in our body, and main component of cartilage, nail, skin and hair. It can help to cure arthritis by producing proteoglykan which increases integration of the bone tissues, and by accelerating production of collagen. And glucosamine itself is one of the main components of the joints. It also helps metabolism of the bone cells and protects the loss of tissues. Fda has classified glucosamine as the medicine gradually working for cure of arthritis.

Specific cure effect on arthritis and joint pain
Glucosamine has the effect of preventing loss of cartilage tissues and works for protection the joints of our bodies. Glucosamine also works as the pain control agents by diminishing pain from the inflammation of the cartilage. Therefore, the arthritis patients can diminish the amount of dose of painkiller by taking glucosamine. Glucosamine can be more effectively absorbed to the cell tissues by taking it with condroitin which is extracted from shark cartilage or vitamin d.

Glucosamine is recommended to those
Who put stress and burden on the joins by sports or working.
Who wants to recover from arthritis or related diseases causing joint pain.
Who wants to help their elderly parents who suffer from arthritis or joint pain.

Application & dosage
One pill two times a day with water

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